Coffee and Coffee Roasting is our passion.
Coffee and Coffee Roasting is our passion.

Welcome to our coffee roasting journal. Here we offer profile articles on our network of premium coffee growers, articles on home coffee roasters, coffee roasting tips and other notes to help you produce and enjoy the best cup of coffee available.

Coffee Growers & Coffee Bean Profiles

coffee-profile-image2We search world-wide to find the highest quality and highest value coffee beans to offer our customers. But that’s not the only criteria we consider. We believe it is also important to align ourselves with growers whose practices favor the environment and provide optimum working conditions and benefits for employees.

Our coffee bean and grower articles also include our notes on taste profiles and roasting tips.

You can peruse our Coffee Bean & Grower articles here or if you’ve heard of particular coffee and want to know more about it and its growers use our search function to find relevant articles.

Most Recent Coffee Profiles

Zambia AAA/AA Mafinga Hills RFA – Kateshi & Isanya Estates. New crop Zambia just arrived!

This was one of the biggest hits from the African smaller producers last year – this year is bound to impress just as much if not a little more.

This cup is coming from Kateshi Estate and Isanya Estate located in the Mafinga Hills subregion of Zambia’s Northern Province. Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasama and has a total of 2,466 hectares, 773 of which are currently cultivated with coffee. Coffee grown on the estate is between 1,340 and 1,400 masl. Isanya Estate is comprised of 1,600 hectares and ranges from 1500-1600 masl. Coffee from both estates are milled at Kateshi and blended to create this unique offering.

Zambia AAA/AA Mafinga Hills RFA – Kateshi & Isanya Estates – Learn More Here

Rwanda Misozi Rushashi Abakundakawa. New 2016/17 crop!

Misozi Rushashi is grown in the Karongi District of western Rwanda by over 800 small farmers. The farmers in this area, in an effort create the best coffee possible, have pooled their coffee, resources and knowledge together by forming a cooperative they called Rushashi. After forming their coop, they joined a group of coops called Misozi to aid in the final processing and exportation of their coffee. The Misozi and Rushashi coops are proudly certified Fair Trade to guarantee transparency and fairness throughout their growing community.

Rwanda Misozi Rushashi Abakundakawa – Learn more here

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