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coffee-profile-image2We search worldwide to find the highest quality and highest value coffee beans to offer our customers. But that’s not the only criteria we consider. We believe it is also important to align ourselves with growers whose practices favor the environment and provide optimum working conditions and benefits for employees.

Our coffee bean and grower articles also include our notes on taste profiles and roasting tips.

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Most Recent Coffee Profiles

2018 Jamaican Blue Mountain – Mavis Banks Gr. 1 Mavis Banks is one of the top quality producers and the largest mill for Blue Mountain coffee, this is an excellent 2018 crop. One of the best prepared coffees in the world.

You can tell this is an island premium coffee upon your first sip. Light to medium bodied this is one delicate cup of coffee with many different flavors that come out. Crisp and clean this cup is marked with fruity island acidity balanced with a sweet nutty molasses undertone.

2018 Jamaican Blue Mountain – Mavis Banks Gr. 1 – Learn More Here

Guatemalan Premium Quetzaltenango Finca San Isidro Finca San Isidro was established in 1897 by a visionary man: Felix Maldonado Robles. It is currently owned by Agrícola San Isidro, S.A.: a 100% family business, ran by the third and fourth generation of its founder.

A wonderful super clean cup. Bright soft fruit notes upfront. A bit of a peachy like tone balanced with a medium bodied sweet malty undertone. A bit floral and a bit chocolaty along with some hidden spice notes that real subtlety pop out.Clean, sweet and very balanced coffee.

Guatemalan Premium Quetzaltenango Finca San Isidro– Learn more here

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