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coffee-profile-image2We search worldwide to find the highest quality and highest value coffee beans to offer our customers. But that’s not the only criteria we consider. We believe it is also important to align ourselves with growers whose practices favor the environment and provide optimum working conditions and benefits for employees.

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Most Recent Coffee Profiles

Uganda Org. Bugisu Double Washed is a very cool and unique Uganda coffee – very different tasting from the normal washed process offering.

For the double washed process, basically, the fruit is picked and partially dried in the cherry. After it drys a bit the beans go through a pulper and put into the ferment tanks to loosen the mucilage on he beans for approx 24 hours. Another quick wash and they hit the tank again for another 12 hours before heading out to the patios to dry.

Uganda Org. Bugisu Double Washed – Learn More Here

Kenya Kirinyaga Baragwi Gachami is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Gachami Factory (wet mill) located in Kirinyaga County, Kenya, a growing region in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya.

Farmer plots are so small that size is gauged by the number of trees rather than the measurements of the land. Farmers who process their coffee at the Gachami Factory are members of the Baragwi Farming Cooperative Society, which was established in 1953 and currently has 16,892 members. Baragwi supports a women’s group called the Mount Kenya Project, which was implemented to improve the quality of life through socio-economic projects aimed at reducing poverty and increasing business knowledge in rural communities.

Kenya Kirinyaga Baragwi Gachami – Learn more here

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