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coffee-profile-image2We search worldwide to find the highest quality and highest value coffee beans to offer our customers. But that’s not the only criteria we consider. We believe it is also important to align ourselves with growers whose practices favor the environment and provide optimum working conditions and benefits for employees.

Our coffee bean and grower articles also include our notes on taste profiles and roasting tips.

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Most Recent Coffee Profiles

Rwanda FT Dukundekawa Musasa – Ruli Microlot A new crop arrival and quickly making my favorites list the more we play with it.

Medium to full bodied and very clean; the brightest lot so far this year. Very chocolaty with some nice fruit overtones. Lighter roasts will have a little citrus and floral aspect but even at a strong medium roast one starts getting chocolate versus fruit.

Rwanda FT Dukundekawa Musasa – Ruli Microlot – Learn More Here

Kenya BCT Othaya Peaberry is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited (FCS), in Nyeri County, Kenya, on the eastern slopes of Aberdares mountain ranges. Othaya FCS was established in 1956, has 19 factories (wet mills), and more than 14,000 members. Each factory processes coffee from farmers who generally have half acre plots averaging 250 coffee trees. Othaya FCS also has its own dry mill operation in Gatuyaini.

Classic Kenya chocolaty factor with a little caramel tone poking out. Honey like sweetness and very clean with increasing body as the roast gets darker. A great balance between citrus, floral, herbal and chocolate. Easy to change the balance of these tones by roast level – a very fun coffee to play around with.

Kenya BCT Othaya Peaberry- Learn more here

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