Coffee Storage

Burlap Coffee Bag

Used burlap bags that our coffee was delivered in. Many different designs and colors.

Price: $1.00
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Black Plastic Valve Bag - 1 Bag
2 Oz. @ $0.22 bag / 8 Oz. @ $0.35 / 12 Oz. @ $0.38

Bags rated in ounces of roasted coffee - Roasted weight the bags can hold will vary depending on coffee density and roast level but we tried to use standard dark roast weights; bags may hold more with lighter roasting or less with super dark roasting.

2 Oz. bags do not have valves, not enough gas build up with 2 ounces to trigger the valve.

These zip-lock style valve bags will keep your coffee tasting fresh. One way degassing valves keep harmful oxygen out while releasing the CO2 gas produced by your coffee.

Price: $0.00
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