Gourmet Coffee Making: Home Coffee Roasting Equipment

Coffee roasters, coffee grinders, Chemex coffee makers, and related home coffee roasting appliances are important compliments to producing truly gourmet coffee from green coffee beans. At BurmanCoffee.com these are carefully selected for the Home Coffee Roaster.

Home Coffee Roasters
Before we offer a roaster for sale, we will have used it for many months, sometimes years. We roast several times a day here, and use the all the roasters we sell. All our coffees are evaluated to make sure they roast well on all the roasters.

Coffee makers
If you have never tried a Chemex coffee maker/ Aeropress before, you will be surprised to discover how easy and inexpensive brewing with a Chemex/Aeropress is. They are reasonably priced, make excellent coffee, and take little maintenance (other than a regular rinsing, or occasional washing in the top rack of a dishwasher).

Coffee Grinders
Most people are familiar with the conventional home coffee grinders available from department and discount stores. For commercial coffee beans they do an adequate job. Yet the blender-style blades and design of these machines is unsuitable for grinding fine quality gourmet coffee beans. The grind is too inconsistent. Home Coffee Roasters need an adjustable coffee mill that produces a reliable grind from coarse to fine.

Home Roasting Accessories
We stock some spare parts for the roasters plus books, candles, mugs, coffee storage bags and many other neat things.

Home Roasting Tips

If you are new to Home Coffee Roasting, you need to be aware that all roasters put out some smoke . A stovetop vent or Jennair generally work well to exhaust the smoke and odor.

The larger the batch of coffee you roast, and the darker you roast, proportionately more smoke will result. So if you are a dark roast fan or if you roast large batches in an Alpenrost, you especially want to insure adequate ventilation (or else roast in the garage or on the deck).

While the equipment warranties are all 1 year and are from the manufacturer, if you are having problems, be sure and let us know, we will help!

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