Behmor 1600 Plus

Behmor 1600 Plus Home Coffee Roaster

We think the Behmor 1600 is one of the best home coffee roasters but does require one to be more attentive to the roast than the other units. Easily the best value for a roaster; it is one powerful and versatile machine but also one of the more challenging units to use. Definitely for the coffee connoisseur who will enjoy the larger batch sizes along with the ability to change up the roasting curves but doesn't mind being a little more attentive to the roaster.

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FreshRoast SR 500

The Basics:

Capacity: 4-16 Ounce
Heat Settings: Automatic Roasting Curves (5 to choose) or manual override (5 to choose) based on % voltage to heating elements (100%, 80% etc..)
Fan Settings: None, its a drum roaster.
Roast Times: 12-24 minutes (excluding cool)
Venting: Needed - Well ventilated area or stove top vent that goes outdoors is great
Ease of use: Hard - A bit challenging to pick up, has a learning curve to hit target roast.
Batch Roasting: No

Check out the home coffee roasting section for more tips and tricks!

FreshRoast SR 500

This quiet and reliable home coffee roaster produces excellent coffee. After a few roasts you will be a "Master Roaster" with the profiles and time settings.

Put in your 4-16 ounces of green coffee beans and choose your batch size, profile and then time settings. Just hit the cool button when your desired roast is achieved.

Plus, its smoke free up to a medium dark roast
, but can be used to roast darker as well. Excellent support from Behmor.

Our videos on how to use your
new Behmor 1600 Plus Home Coffee Roaster!

The Basics:

Advanced Features:

The Basics (for the Behmor 1600 Plus):

Key Features

  • Largest batch size of any home coffee roaster 
  • Great re-burner for semi-smokeless roasting (until you hit a dark roast)
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Inbound cool mode for easy start to finish roasting
  • A variety of time settings
  • 5 different heat settings (plus an additional 5 with the new plus model)
  • Ability to adjust roast time during the roast (on the fly)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • A very quiet roaster - most can hear the cracks very easily
  • Thermostatically controlled quartz roasting elements
  • Electrical specs: 1630 watts 15 amps 120 volts (very high draw device)
  • Dimensions Length: 17.5 Height: 10.5 Depth: 12.5   

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Using your new Behmor Plus 1600

The Behmor 1600 does have a learning curve - and a couple ways to roast. We are always happy to answer questions or get more into detail - just shoot us a note if the below is not advanced enough for you.

**** Watch for the new safety switch - 3/4 of the way through the roast the LCD will display UN:30 and start counting down - UN:29, UN:28 etc.. You must hit the roast button while its counting down or it will kick itself into cool mode and display error 7

  1. Start by weighing your batch, choose the appropriate batch size to what you put in the drum; 4oz, 8oz, 16oz - put the beans in the drum.

  2. We like to shake the loaded drum outside or over the garbage before putting it into the machine, gets out any broken beans and a bit of chaff before the roast. Keeps it a bit cleaner and less smoky.

  3. Put the loaded drum in the machine, followed by the chaff tray and close the roasting door. Now for the settings - we recommend, choosing the correct weight, followed by p2 heat setting than followed by time profile C. (order does matter, choose heat setting before time profile) If you want to use the manual mode, no problem, you still have to start with the above.

  4. Hit the roast button - if using the default roasting curves, watch for smoke and signs of the cracks, hit the cool button when your desired roast it achieved, keep in mind it will continue to darken for about 1 minutes after hitting the cool button, so be slightly preemptive.

  5. Using the manual override mode - after you hit the roast button in step 4 - hit p5 (100% heat). You should see p5 flashing on the LCD, if its solid - hit p5 until you see it flashing. You can also hit the time profile "d" button to speed up the drum.

  6. If using 100% voltage (manual override p5) - you will have to knock it down to lessor heat (p3-p4) right before to just into 1st crack - make sure to be attentive enough to catch the cracks. If you leave it on the max heat setting for the whole roast you will overheat the machine and it will shut down mid roast. One can knock it down to a p4 at first crack for a minute, than go back to a p5 to finish the roast if needed.

  7. If you want to stop the roast at any time (even for burning coffee), just hit the cool button. Don't unplug it unless utterly necessary, as the roaster is quite hot and needs the 9-12 minutes of cooling before being handled.

  8. If you see smoke coming from the roaster, you are getting to a dark roast and will want to think about hitting the cool button. The Behmor will not smoke much until you are hitting dark roasts.

  9. After the cool mode is done - remove the chaff tray and drum, should be cool to the touch. Vacuum out all chaff in the machine and trey - make sure to give it at least 30 minutes in-between batches to insure a long life.

I like to store the freshly roasted beans in an open container for 2 to 3 days, then move them to a sealed container.

The only cleaning necessary is to dump out the chaff from the chaff collector and wipe the collector out, I use a small basting brush to clean it.


Behmor Inc. is the manufacture of the Behmor 1600 home coffee roaster and they provide a 1-year warranty. . Call them directly 775-833-3363 or e-mail, if you are having difficulty with the roaster. Also, be sure and let us know, we will help!

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