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FreshRoast SR 700 Home Coffee Roaster

The newest version to the FreshRoast line of coffee roasters - Same batch size and roast functions as the SR 500 but connects with a Windows device to log and control the roasts.

It is easy to use and with a little practice you will produce some of the best tasting, evenly roasted coffee. Makes a great gift for a coffee aficionado. A new model of our most popular roaster.

FreshRoast SR 700 now coming with:
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FreshRoast SR 700

The Basics:

Capacity: 4-5 Ounce
Heat Settings: High, Medium, Low
Fan Settings: Variable, fine tune movement and temp
Roast Times: 6-10 minutes (excluding cool)
Venting: Needed - Well ventilated area or stove top vent that goes outdoors is great
Ease of use: Very Easy
Batch Roasting: No
Computer Function: Only works with windows - 2.5 ft cord connects via USB and must be connected to work.

Check out the home coffee roasting section for more tips and tricks!

FreshRoast SR 500

Our great video on how to use your new
Freshroast Coffee Roaster

(Video is of model SR 500 but the SR 700 works real similar)

Using your new Fresh Roast SR 700 home coffee roaster

The roaster has three parts, the chaff collector on top, the roasting chamber, and the heated base.

  1. Start with four level scoops of coffee. (The scoop is included!)

  2. Remove the chaff collector, add the coffee to the roasting chamber, and put the chaff collector back on.

  3. Connect the USB if going to use your computer - run the software to bring up the control panel - either set up the profile before hand (or load an existing one) or run it live and save what you have done.

  4. Set the timer for 6-10 minutes.

  5. We like to start the roast with a low/medium temperature setting and the highest fan speed for the first two minutes than set the temperature to high.

  6. As the coffee starts turning over vigorously, turn the fan speed down to build heat and keep the beans from chipping.

  7. If you want to stop the roast at any time, just hit the cool button. Don't turn it to off, as the roaster is quite hot and needs the three minutes of cooling before being handled.

  8. If you see smoke coming from the roaster, you are getting to a dark roast and will want to think about hitting the cool button

  9. After the timer shuts off, remove the chaff collector, (be careful - as the roaster is still pretty warm) lift out the roast chamber by its handle, and dump the beans. 

I like to store the freshly roasted beans in an open container for 2 to 3 days, then move them to a sealed container.

The only cleaning necessary is to dump out the chaff from the chaff collector and wipe the collector out, I use a small basting brush to clean it.


Home Roasting Supplies is the manufacture of the Fresh Roast SR home coffee roaster and they provide a 2-year warranty. Contact them directly - 1-805-501-7731, if you are having difficulty with the roaster. Also, be sure and let us know, we will help!

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