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Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

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For a coffee connoisseur a good grinder is a must have!

Looking for that last factor in making your perfect cup? The Bartaza Encore (new model of Maestro Plus) will give you the edge you need at a great price.

This unit comes with a professional burr set that will cut the beans, not smash them, no powder throw-off here.

40 different grind setting to give you the versatility to use any brewing method.
A very even and consistent grind ensures even extraction of your brew.

This grinder keeps cool, it is important not to heat up the beans during the grinding process to get that crisp clean cup.

A great grinder! This is what we use here, and at home. Very rugged with an even and consistent grind

Baratza Encore

Burman Price - $129.00

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Also be sure to check out the Baratza Virtuoso! (now with the new preciso burr set)

HandyBrew Infuser





A great 20 ounce tea maker; plus it works with coffee as well (although you may want to keep them separate)

We tend to use this around here more than any other method, quick and easy while making the perfect amount for 1-2 people.

Makes doing a second or third press on those fancy tea's nice and easy.

Tease your senses by watching the leaves unfurl and bloom, releasing their awesome flavor and healthy goodness straight to your cup!

Made with medical grade Eastman Tritan with a stainless steel filter, the infuser is BPA free, dish washer safe and tough.

- The infuser.
- The tray to let it steep without leaking
- Two awesome tea samples to get you going.

HandyBrew Infuser

Burman Price- $24.99

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Aerobie® AeroPress™ Coffee & Espresso Maker

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****In Stock

Comes with 350 filters!

" . . . AeroPress produces a remarkably good straight espresso and an excellent Americano-style taller cup. In fact, it produces a better espresso shot than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much."

Kenneth Davids – Author of:
Coffee: A Guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying Espresso: Ultimate Coffee
Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival

Aerobie AeroPress

Burman Price - $27.95 with 350 filters

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8-12 Ounce Black Valve Bag - 5 Bags

****In Stock

Great for storing or gifting your fresh roasted beans - heavy duty and reusable!

8-12 Ounce Black Plastic Valve Bags - 5 Bags

Burman Price
- $1.55

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Nesco Electric Water KettleClick here for more info on I-Roast Coffee Roaster

This is a must have for those using one cup brewers or a brewing method similar to a chemex.

Great to have around for coffee brewing or anything that requires hot water. Energy efficient and quick!

Nesco's New Electric Water kettle is the best way to boil water for home and office use. No more forgetting about the kettle on the stove. 1500 watts heats up fast and the kettle detaches from the base for ease in serving. Typically use up to 40% less energy than stovetop kettles so this is truly energy efficient.

The concealed heating element is covered in stainless steel base that also has cord storage built in. Illuminated kettle interior when kettle is in operation. Auto shut off for total safety. Additional features include stay cool handle, drip free pouring spout, maximum fill indicator. Easy to clean as well as one touch on / off switch. 8 cup capacity.

Nesco Electric Water Kettle

Burman Price
- $49.99

The Art and Craft of Coffee:
A book by Kevin Sinnott
Click here for more info on I-Roast Coffee Roaster

A great new book that covers the main topics of coffee; an easy read, it will enhance your coffee knowledge and skills.

The Art and Craft of Coffee is a backstage pass into the world of small-batch coffee roasting, bean selection, grinding, and artisan-quality brewing.

Kevin Sinnott educates, inspires, and caffeinates the reader in this comprehensive, full-color instructional guide.

Learn how green coffee beans are farmed, harvested, and roasted; how to roast your own coffee; how to choose the best grinder for your beans; and finally how to master brewing styles as diverse as French press and espresso to the Turkish ibrik. Recipes for several coffee and espresso beverages are included.

The Art and Craft of Coffee

Burman Price
- $19.99

Chemex Coffee Maker- 10 cup/ with 100 Brown Unbleached Chemex Filters

****In Stock

This is the way we make our coffee!

Click here for more info

Use a clean kettle and good water and you will enjoy amazing coffee. the triple thickness filters give a longer contact time, yet remove any harshness or bitterness.

Chemex 10 Cup

Burman Price - $38.95 with a free pack of brown unbleached filters

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Also available as a 6 cup unit for $33.95!

Click Here for additional filters

Escali Primo Digital Scale

**** In Stock

We found a great deal on digital scales, perfect for ensuring you get consistent results from your roasting.

These work up to 11 pounds and are accurate by the gram.

Escali Primo Digital Scale

Burman Price - $29.99

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