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    The Basics (for the 500 & 700):
    Capacity: 4-5 Ounce
    Heat Settings: High, Medium, Low
    Fan Settings: Variable, fine tune movement and temp
    Roast Times: 6-12 minutes (excluding cool)
    Venting: Needed - Well ventilated area or stove top vent that goes outdoors is great
    Ease of use: Very Easy
    Batch Roasting: No

    Our great informative "How to" video on the Freshroast SR 500:

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    Home Roasting Supplies is the manufacture of the Fresh Roast SR home coffee roaster and they provide a 1-year warranty. Contact them directly tim.skaling@gmail.com - 1-805-501-7731, if you are having difficulty with the roaster. Also, be sure and let us know, we will help!