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    Gene Cafe Home Coffee Roaster

    Our favorite coffee roaster! Very easy to use and yet very powerful, this hands on roaster has the ability to control the time and temperature of your roast, giving you an infinite degree of control over your coffee.

    You can effectively roast a small 1 ounce batch, (50 grams or 8 cups) up to a 8 ounce batch (250 grams). For the best results I roast 8 ounces at a time for washed coffees and around 7 ounces for dry processed coffees (Brazil, Yemen, Harrar and others) In addition, its innovative cooling system allows multiple batches throughout the day.

    Check out the home coffee roasting section for more tips and tricks!

    The Basics (for the Gene Cafe):
    Capacity: 1-8 Ounce
    Heat Settings: Set specific temperature
    Fan Settings: None, uses spinning drum.
    Roast Times: 15-22 minutes (excluding cool)
    Venting: Needed - Well ventilated area or stove top vent that goes outdoors is great - Has attachment for 3" metal dryer hose to help with venting
    Ease of use: Easy
    Batch Roasting: Yes

    Now available in red or black!

    -A six pound bag of green coffee, your choice!
    Free ground shipping within continental US
    Select "free ground shipping for all roaster purchases" upon checkout 

    Don't forget you also get:
    - Ventable Chaff Collector

    - Coupon for a free pound on your next order! 

    Gene Cafe Large Capacity Home Coffee Roaster

    Key Features

    The patented Rotating Vortex Chamber assures even yet efficient roasting.
    • Removable Roasting Chamber for easy filling and emptying, 
      as well as convenient cleaning.
    • Temperature control of roasting temperature
    • Timer to adjust roasting time
    • Quick cooling system following roasting
    • Temperature overheat safety switch
    • Efficient collection of coffee bean chaff
    • Indirect heating system encourages even roasting of the bean,
      from the inside out
    • Patented Vortex Mixing method thoroughly mixes beans during roasting
    • Large capacity chamber allow roasting batches as large as 
      12 ounces and as small as 1.8 ounces
    • Noise reducing design provides quiet operation (65 db)


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    One year manufacturer's warranty. The Gene Cafe Home Coffee Roaster is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year warranty from the date of purchase. You can contact them directly at Batch Coffee 1-508-503-1699, email at support@genecafeusa.com, or visit their website http://www.genecafeusa.com